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Our Story

Dr. Linette Rivera is a native Puerto Rican who moved to Tampa 12 years ago to start medical residency at the University of South Florida. After graduating and working at the local hospital as an Endocrinologist for 2 years, she realized that she was spending more time writing notes than actually taking care of patients. She wanted more than a minimal interaction and wanted to help how her patients felt about themselves. So, without hesitation she decided to venture into the world of aesthetics.

Dr. Rivera has always been passionate about hormones but had the desire to learn more about laser treatments and aesthetic services. She believes the secret to achieving a healthy lifestyle and a better quality of life is restoring hormone balance and preserving beauty and confidence at any age. After spending several years learning about laser devices and aesthetic services, she decided to open a medical aesthetic practice in South Tampa where the doctors could supervise the treatments being done to their patients.

After 6 years growing the Tampa practice, she knew she wanted to go beyond aesthetics and wanted to develop a one of a kind Med Spa with a unique experience for her patients. Knowing Miami is the epitome of fashion, beauty, and aesthetics, she relocated from Tampa on July 2022 and GLANZ Aesthetics came to life. GLANZ Aesthetics was in the heart of our Founder and every detail in our clinic has been thought through with one thing in mind… YOU! GLANZ means “You Shine” and that is how we want you to feel from the moment you walk into our office.

We offer all types of injectables like Dermal Fillers, BOTOX, Bellafill, among many others. Our menu of services includes different types of laser treatments for skin tightening, pigmentation problems, active acne and acne scarring treatments, lasers to improve skin texture & wrinkles, anti-aging lasers, and chemical peels. We also offer customized Facials that target your specific concerns but also help you relax from a busy week. And let’s not forget our Booty Facial menu… the one that will have you ready for the beach the entire year.

The staff at GLANZ has been trained by Dr. Linette Rivera in her one of a kind laser combination treatments so they will design an anti-aging skincare plan that will help your skin concerns but also get you results that will improve your confidence and how you see yourself when you look in the mirror. We can’t wait for you to be part of the GLANZ EXPERIENCE!